and genuine news article article article A fake news story that makes up information is not always accurate.

Here are some tips to spot fake news articles on the internet.

Read more Here are the most common fake news stories: The ABC’s “I Can’t Breathe” article This ABC article is based on a false report that a woman was killed by an angry car driver.

It is a story that has been widely shared on Facebook and other social media sites, but was not based on accurate information.

The ABC did not name the woman who died in the car crash and has since removed the story.

ABC News has since deleted the article and apologized.

The Washington Post’s “Trump Assassination” article The Washington Times article is the source of the false story, which has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

The Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Press’s “Russian hacking: Did the Obama Administration get the facts wrong?” article The AP article is not based in fact.

The article was shared hundreds, if not thousands, of times on Facebook.

The story has since been deleted.

ABC and the AP have both retracted the article.

ABC did respond to requests for comment from The Associated News.

CNN’s “Piers Morgan: Fake news, but true in some cases” article Piers Morgan, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, wrote a post on Facebook on Monday that said he had been duped by a fake story that claimed the White House was considering an executive order banning the use of fake news on social media.

The fake story, based on an AP article, claimed that the Obama administration would order companies to stop publishing fake news about President Trump.

The AP has since clarified the report was a story about fake news being shared on social networking sites.

CNN has since released an apology.

Morgan said the article was a hoax that he did not believe until he heard it on the radio, and he had no intention of sharing it with his listeners.

The post said he was not aware of the White Tower.

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