New York city, New York, United States, has announced a $100k scholarship for people who are affected by the storm.

The announcement was made on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

“#NYCFirstResponders are now eligible for a $1,000,000 New York state grant to support hurricane relief and recovery in New York,” the tweet read.

“Please visit our Disaster Relief & Recovery page for more information.”

The statement followed a tweet from Mayor Bill de Blasio who said “NYC is in the midst of a major disaster, and I would like to thank the first responders who have stepped up and shown up.

We have a strong foundation to rebuild our city and we will get through this.”

More: The city said it is accepting applications for the scholarship until September 11.

It is a one-time $100K grant.

The first responders will be selected from the city’s 1,400 registered First Responders Council.

“NYCs will receive up to $50,000 each for their support in rebuilding and recovery efforts, and will receive a stipend of $50k annually to be distributed between their First Responder Councils,” the statement read.

The statement said that anyone who is eligible to apply for the award should visit their council’s disaster relief & recovery page to learn more.

“We will continue to support the people of New York in this difficult time as we recover from Hurricane Harvey,” the Mayor said in a statement.

“In the coming days and weeks, we will work closely with the First Responding Councils to determine what assistance to provide to our residents, and how best to best help our local First Responded.”

De Blasio also praised the city and its First Respondant Councils, which he said are “working with their first responders and first responders’ families to get the word out to people to get on the road and help with recovery efforts.”

The Mayor also said that “the city is still in recovery mode” and said that it has received over 1,000 requests for help.

De Blasio said that the city is looking to coordinate the recovery efforts with other cities to help those who may not be able to return home.

“I want to thank our city leaders and their first response leaders for their incredible efforts to assist the people and the city of New Orleans.

New York will not be forgotten,” he said.

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