Posted October 15, 2018 06:48:17Canadian online creators are losing millions of dollars in revenue every year, but the vast majority of the content that gets made is not being made in Canada.

As it turns out, Canadian online creators aren’t the only ones who are losing money.

Digital distribution company Digital Distribution Canada (DDC) has released a report titled “Income Inequality in Canada: What We Know and What We Can Do About It,” which provides a snapshot of how income inequality is affecting Canadian creators and how to make changes to help.DDC also said that “Canada is a great place to create content, but it is an expensive place to live.”

“It takes more than just the money to make something, you also need the skills and capital to do it,” said DDC president and CEO Kevin Macdonald.

“There is an inherent mismatch in the nature of income inequality in Canada.”

Macdonald said it’s not just creators in Canada who are struggling.

“I think the story of Canadians in Canada is a story of people who are living paycheck to paycheck, but also have to be making ends meet,” he said.

“It’s a story about people who have to work harder than they ever have to and those who have it harder.”

Digital Distribution Canada’s study says Canadian creators can make up to $3,000 per month, but “it’s not enough to pay the bills.”

While the majority of creators in the country make $2,000 or less a month, there are a small percentage of creators who make more than $4,000 a month.

The study notes that Canadian online content creators made up 12.3 per cent of total Canadian revenue in 2017, which is the highest rate of any country in the world.

In terms of revenue, the study says that online content is only 3 per cent more popular in Canada than in the United States, while the digital distribution company says the number of Canadian creators is only 1 per cent higher than the United Kingdom.

According to the report, Canadians made $16.5 billion in digital content in 2017.

The data also reveals that there are more Canadian creators in other countries than creators in our own.

In fact, there were more Canadian online writers than creators worldwide in 2016.

The digital distribution service noted that “digital content in Canada has become an increasingly popular and accessible form of expression,” and noted that the percentage of Canadian online readers has increased by 13 per cent since 2011.

While Canada has a lower percentage of digital content creators than the U.S., Macdonald said that it doesn’t make sense to have the digital content that is being produced in Canada disappear when the U

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