Media platforms for Drupal have been around for years, but this is the first time that there’s been a discussion about whether to start the conversation with a platform.

In the latest DrupalCon talk on this topic, Drupal 8’s new Drupal platform team (D8) announced that it is considering the idea, but it’s unclear when the next DrupalCon will be held.

The conference is slated for June 12 to July 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DrupalCon 8, which takes place this year in San Francisco, California, is one of the world’s largest open source software conferences.

It is a yearly event that has been held since 2004, and is attended by thousands of people.

As a part of the conference, the Drupal community offers talks and workshops on its core technology, which is a version of Drupal that can be used to build web sites, and an assortment of related products.

The event also hosts a number of Drupal-related conferences, including the Drupal Community Summit.

But there’s a significant gap between what the Drupal team has done with Drupal 7, which was announced at DrupalCon 2008, and what it will be doing with the upcoming Drupal 8.

And there’s an opportunity to bridge the gap by bringing together the two platforms.

In other words, the conference could use an Internet platform.

This could be a good time to talk about why Drupal 8 is not an Internet-specific platform.

While the Drupal core language is based on HTML5, which has a huge range of support across browsers, the platform itself is not Internet-focused.

Instead, the core language includes a large number of built-in HTML5 APIs, including those that work with the standard Internet API and those that support specific Internet technologies, such as JavaScript.

In fact, Drupal has made a habit of adding new APIs for the web.

For instance, the site is now built with JavaScript to make it easier for developers to add features to the site.

The company also makes available a number that have been used by Drupal-based sites for years.

For example, it has an HTTP API for the Drupal REST API, a HTTP API to create the Drupal admin interface, and a HTTP/2 API for building Web sites.

This means that the platform has some JavaScript capabilities that will be useful to people using Drupal 7.

For one thing, a number, called the WebView API, provides support for building interactive Web pages that display information and other information, and for displaying the information on a webpage.

For another, the WebExtensions API provides a number and a number separator, allowing developers to separate their WebExtension from the rest of their application.

In addition, the platforms have a number called the Content Delivery Network (CDN), which allows developers to build a Web application that runs on the CDN, which in turn runs on Drupal.

It also allows developers and users to access resources on the Web using the HTTP APIs.

The difference between the two is that Drupal has no CDN that is built on top of the REST API or the REST APIs that have support for JavaScript.

So the platform will need to use a third platform to build its Web application, which can include the HTTP API or other built-ins from other platforms.

This could be an Internet browser or another platform that runs the same code that runs Drupal 7’s REST API.

D8’s new platform team will take this approach at Drupalcon 2016.

The goal of this approach is to ensure that Drupal 8 builds on the core features of Drupal 7 without introducing new features that aren’t necessary to run a Web site.

For Drupal 7 developers, the focus is on making sure that they don’t end up with an application that has no support for the standard APIs.

For developers who are still using Drupal 6, there is a solution to this problem.

In fact, D8 has a project called Drupal 6 Web Applications.

It’s a collection of tools that allow developers to create web applications that run on the web and on Drupal, including a WebView WebAPI that is used to create interactive Web sites, a WebExtenders API for creating the Drupal Admin interface, an HTTP/1.1 API for providing a basic API for connecting to the Internet, and the Drupal HTTP API.

The developers will also add support for other technologies, including AJAX, CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

There’s a lot of work being done to make Drupal 8 a powerful Web platform that supports the latest HTML5 features, but D8’s approach to building it will depend on the success of the platform team.

It could end up supporting HTML5 in Drupal, but not on the same level as other browsers.

Or it could end in supporting HTML6 and not supporting other features.

So while it’s certainly possible that Drupal 7 won’t support WebExtended APIs, it’s also possible that it will support all the Web APIs.

In the end, the goal for developers who want to use Drupal 8 on a modern

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