The Verge editors and writers were invited to speak at a TechCrunch event in New York City, and we got to hear from some of the industry’s most prominent innovators.

We sat down with Joel McHale, founder and chief executive officer of Community Media Properties, a company that makes online video and is currently exploring a partnership with Disney to create its first live-streamed content.

The tech world is full of amazing new companies, but there are plenty of big players that are still struggling to find a place to live.

McHale explained why he believes that the internet has been a great place to launch a startup.

“When you’re starting a company, it’s a very risky thing to do,” he said.

“It’s going to be a lot of work.

And the fact that there’s a lot that you can learn from the internet, you don’t have to be on the internet.

You don’t need to have a computer.”

McHale said that his company had been fortunate to find success through the internet as a distribution platform, where it has found that “the distribution channels are so flexible that they allow you to go from a small startup to a large company.”

That flexibility has allowed McHale to find and nurture talented employees at a time when many companies have found it hard to attract talented talent in the first place.

McHales said that community media has been an incredible partner to him and his team over the past few years, and that he is excited to continue to build on that relationship.

“It’s not a big thing in our business, but we’re very excited to see that relationship grow,” he told us.

“We’re really looking forward to having a very strong relationship with Community Media.”

McHales and the rest of the tech community are also looking to the internet to help them scale.

“You see a lot more startups are doing business on the web,” McHale added.

“If we can do it on the ground and do it in real-time, I think that’s really going to bring a lot to the table.”

Development Is Supported By

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