By Paul MyerbergThe NFL has spent the past few months attempting to figure out how to best respond to the rising tide of media coverage of the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL’s own internal dysfunction.

On Tuesday, the league released its first-ever comprehensive list of the most important elements of its “Sports Media Guide” — the first time it did so since the publication of the 2012 “Sports Illustrated” list of top-10 sports media sites.

The document lists “the most important things the sports media needs to know” — from the importance of reporting to the importance to the integrity of the sport and the league itself.

The guide also details the steps the league is taking to increase transparency and accountability within its business, such as creating a new Office of Professional Responsibility, including an independent audit of its operations, and establishing a new independent board of governors.

As a result of the announcement, the NFL released a statement that read in part: “We believe that this guide is the best first step toward the best possible approach to addressing the problem.

We will continue to be transparent and accountable with the public, but this guide will serve as the blueprint for the league as we work to improve the way we serve our fans, players and communities.”

The guide is not the first step.

The NFL and its players’ union have already begun to develop their own document that would outline the league’s goals and objectives, and it’s not even the most comprehensive list yet.

Last summer, the union released its “A Plan to Make the Game Better” and released a new version of its annual “Sports Business Update” that detailed its vision for the future.

But the NFL is the only one that has created a comprehensive list and put it on a website, and the process has been lengthy and expensive.

While the NFL has had to work to get its list together, it’s a good first step in a long process that will undoubtedly take more time.

And while the league has been working on this project for several years, the most recent version of the guide has yet to be released.

That’s because the NFLPA, which has been in negotiations with the league for years, and who has long been in charge of the document, has been negotiating to include additional information and other elements.

The NFLPA had requested that the league release the “A Guide to the Media” as a separate document, but the union has been fighting for that to happen.

While it did eventually include a section on the NFL and the union, the release of the “Guide to the Press” did not include any other details.

In fact, the list is so lengthy and lengthy that it’s almost impossible to read all of it at once, and some of the more detailed sections of the list may not even be there.

For instance, the section on “The NFL, Players and the Community” does not contain any sections that specifically address issues such as racism or racism within the NFL.

The guide was written by the league in partnership with the NFL Players Association, which is the union that represents the players.

The union and the players’ association have been negotiating for years to include more of the draft, which the league already uses, as part of its official media guide.

But this year’s draft is also not included in the guide, so the league and the unions are still negotiating over the exact wording of the NFLP’s draft guide.

And the guide will be released at the end of February, a few months before the start of the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the document also includes a section that lists the media outlets the league pays a $100 million to cover, which also is not in the NFLs official media list.

This is because the players union is not a party to the deal, so it is not bound by the contract that the NFL signed with the players in 2012 to ensure the media’s fair and impartial coverage of players.

Instead, the guide lists outlets that are paid by the NFL to cover players.

But while the list does include outlets that have an exclusive contract with the team or league, that is not required to be included in this section.

The only outlets that will be included are those that are “closely aligned” with the current owners, the draft picks and the team, the report said.

The media outlets that were identified in the “Sports Guide” are not the only ones that the owners are paying to cover the players, though.

The owners are also paying “significant amounts” to the “NFL Media Fund,” which the union estimates to be between $5 million and $10 million per year.

The “NFL Network” and “Fox Sports 1” are also listed in the document.

The full list of media outlets paid to cover NFL players is not available, but it’s possible to get an idea of how much each of those outlets are paying.

In the case of the media companies, the amount is not disclosed, but if you search the media websites of the three teams — the

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