The Cortana and Apple’s Cortana apps can both be used to manage your health, according to an analysis of a new study.

The new study by Microsoft and Stanford University looked at the health effects of Cortana’s ability to provide personalized information and Cortana’s relationship to your health and health-related questions.

Cortana’s health-focused interface is particularly useful in the context of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Cortana can ask you about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin levels, as well as your weight, cholesterol level, and other health-based questions.

If you don’t have these types of questions, Cortana can’t find out.

This ability is particularly valuable for people with Type 2, or more common, diabetes, or those who have hypertension.

But there are some limitations to this new research, as the researchers note.

Cortana isn’t really a health-aware system.

There’s no way to check your blood sugar level, for example, or to get your pulse or body temperature, and that can make it harder to understand what is happening in your body.

Cortana doesn’t actually provide your health information in real-time, so there is no way of tracking your health history.

For example, Cortana may have trouble remembering whether you have high cholesterol, but it’s not clear whether that is because of a lack of knowledge about your health or because you’ve been doing the opposite of the recommended diet.

Cortana also has a limited ability to identify a disease.

You can ask Cortana about heart disease, for instance, but that doesn’t tell you whether or not the condition is linked to the use of the app, which means that people with high cholesterol may not see the symptoms that Cortana is looking for.

The researchers note that it’s possible that people who are more at risk for certain diseases may be able to identify health risks in Cortana’s data even if they’re not at high risk for any particular disease.

Cortana and Microsoft’s apps are currently available for Android and iOS.

The results of the study were published in the journal PLOS One.

Cortana has a wide range of health-centric features, including a Health app that allows you to view your health status, track your health progress, and customize your personalized health-tracking experience.

This app is designed to help you track your diet, exercise, and prevent diseases and conditions.

Microsoft’s Health app lets you see your blood glucose, cholesterol and insulin data.

It also includes features like an interactive health checker that tells you what your blood is doing and tells you how much it’s been getting in the last 24 hours.

Cortana is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Microsoft Cortana and Google’s Cortana app are both available on the Windows Phone platform, but Microsoft’s is the more widely used of the two.

The Health app can also provide you with personalized information about your current health status.

Microsoft and Google can also offer health-themed apps for Windows Phone.

These apps can give you information about disease risk factors, such as your type, your weight and blood pressure.

The Microsoft Health app for Windows Phones allows you and your family members to see how your body is changing as you approach the end of a certain month.

The app can show you how your weight is changing, how your cholesterol is changing and your insulin levels are changing, as they approach the day that your blood levels are high.

The apps for iOS and Android can provide a similar type of personalized health information, but they don’t offer the same kind of information about diseases and health conditions.

For instance, the apps for Apple’s iPhone and Android don’t include the Health app, so you can’t see what your cholesterol levels are.

And Google’s Android Health app only provides you with data on your health risk factors.

You won’t see a graph, for a number of reasons, such that the app’s information doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in your health.

Microsoft has released apps for Android that allow you to track your weight in various ways.

It has a Fit Tracker app that lets you measure your weight.

It offers a Health tracking app that shows you how you’re feeling.

It allows you or your family member to use a Fitbit to measure your progress.

Microsoft also has apps for iPhone and iPad that let you track how much you’ve eaten, how much sleep you’ve had, and your stress levels.

The Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phias are all free to download, and you can view a list of them here.

Cortana does offer a limited amount of health information about itself.

This is the app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms, which is why Cortana’s Health information is limited.

There is also a Health tracker on the iOS and Mac operating systems, and a Health and Fitness app for Apple devices, but these apps don’t show you information on your overall health status or your fitness levels.

Cortana offers an Android Health and

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