The internet is an ever-changing medium, a place where we interact and create and share.

While the internet has become the central hub of the modern world, it is also a place of abuse and manipulation.

When it comes to the media, we’ve seen a similar evolution in the past decade, as we have seen media moguls like Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and Disney, as well as other corporate giants, use their platforms to create and propagate misinformation.

There is a clear pattern of corporate consolidation in media, and a clear trend towards more and more monopolies, in the pursuit of profits and market dominance.

We have seen that when media companies try to regulate the internet, they often find themselves at odds with the US government. 

The internet, it seems, is a perfect tool for these two forces to co-exist.

As the media industry has expanded to new markets, its reach has also expanded beyond its traditional territory.

As a result, its influence has expanded beyond the bounds of the US. 

As we continue to look to the future, there is a real danger that media outlets may become increasingly reliant on internet platforms, instead of independent publishers and news organizations. 

While this is true, it does not mean that media will disappear entirely, nor does it mean that our media will be a passive, passive medium.

Instead, it means that our digital media will increasingly be used as a tool of protest and opposition.

The media is not a passive medium, and its influence is not restricted to the confines of our borders.

The internet can also be a tool to challenge authoritarian regimes and oppressive governments, which are, after all, the very reason we have a media in the first place. 

A digital space is a space where we can make our voices heard, where we create our own narrative, and where we do so in a space that is safe and supportive of those voices.

A digital media is a place that we can learn from, where our voices are heard, and it is a world where we are free to create our narratives. 

This article originally appeared at The New York Times.

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