The Israeli government is waging an internet war against the Palestinians with a barrage of websites, social media accounts, and forums that purport to expose their “terror” activities and to expose “their corruption.”

Israel’s government has been waging a campaign against the Palestinian Authority, a Palestinian government, since 2011.

In the first half of 2017, it used its new administrative law, which came into force on March 21, to target several Palestinian NGOs, and to shut down several online platforms, including Al-Aqsa Media Network (AMA) and Al-Arabiya.

The government has also used the new law to shut off social media channels of the PA.

This month, for example, the government shut down Al-Najab and Al Arabiya on March 23, and Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera English, and other websites were also closed.

The government also closed Al-Jazeera English in September and Al Rai and Al Anadolu.

On February 6, the ministry of the interior shut down Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and it shut down the news portal Al-Quds Al Arabieh.

Al Jazeera has also been closed.

Al-Arabya and Al Nabiha were among the sites targeted by the new administrative code.

The sites were the second and third most visited Palestinian sites in the first four months of 2017.

According to Al Rai, the number of visits to these sites dropped from 11.7 million in March to 7.3 million in June.

In addition to Al Nabsah and Al Arafat, several other sites were shut down.

Al Rai says that Al-Rai and Al Alarabiya had the most visits.

Al Arafa had 4.2 million visits, and two other sites, Al Arafah and El-Fatiha, were shuttered.

The ministry of foreign affairs says the sites were targeted because of the “publicity of the activities of some organizations.”

In addition to the websites, the Israeli government has shut down a number of Palestinian-owned media outlets in the past.

Al Rai, which has been following the government’s crackdown on Al-Masry Al Youm and Al Youmiya, says that the sites have received over a million visits since the beginning of the year.

“We expect the government to keep this up,” he says.

“It is the only way to control Palestinian media.”

The government’s campaign against Palestinian-run media is a major source of friction between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel says that Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip have become “terrorists” because of Al Jazeera’s reporting on Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Al Jazeera, which was founded by the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas in 2007, is one of the most popular Palestinian news outlets in Israel.

In March, the Jerusalem Post reported that the government had shut down two of Al- Jazeera’s outlets in response to their coverage of Israel’s incursions into the West Bank.

The two outlets were Al-Wafa and Al Jazeera English.

Al Arafa and Al Awqaf are Palestinian media outlets that have published reports on Israeli settlement activities in the West of the country.

Al Awaqaf, which also publishes the Al Arabiyah News Channel, was shut down on January 27 after the government accused it of publishing a story about the demolition of a Palestinian mosque in Jerusalem.

Al Awqafe reports on Palestinian developments in the Occupied Territories and the region, as well as on the ongoing Palestinian Authority-Israel conflict.

Al- Arafa’s coverage focuses on developments in Jerusalem, the West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, and Gaza.

Al Jazira, which covers Jerusalem and the West bank, was also shut down in the government-ordered crackdown on the Palestinian media.

The Israeli government claims that the crackdown on Palestinian media is in response for the Al-Ghalil news channel, which published a report that alleged that the Israeli army had used tear gas and live ammunition on Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem.

Al Ghalil was shuttered on February 2 after the Israeli Ministry of Justice accused it in a lawsuit of violating the media law.

Al Alwaaf, the Palestinian-language news outlet that was shuttering, was not the only one to be shut down by the Israeli authorities.

In April, the cabinet ordered the closure of Al Rai’s news portal, Al Araba, and the closure on Al Rai English.

The new administrative order came after a complaint was filed against Al Rai by the attorney general’s office.

In February, the attorney-general’s office filed a complaint with the Israeli Supreme Court, accusing Al Rai of publishing the “disturbance” report and threatening the security of the Israeli public.

The attorney-generals office also filed a similar complaint with Al Rai on January 22, saying that the website had published an article about a man’s death and his family.

The attorney- general’s lawsuit says that

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