Facebook Inc. has been on a meteoric rise to the top of the online advertising industry since the company was founded in 2006.

It is currently worth around $100 billion (AU$160 billion), but its market share has been dwindling over the past few years as rivals such as Google Inc. and Twitter Inc. have become more dominant in the space.

Facebook is currently a unit of Alphabet Inc, which is a group of companies that include Google, Facebook and Microsoft Corp. The company is also owned by Facebook’s parent company, Mark Zuckerberg.

The company has been a key player in the global online advertising market, with a large number of ad networks that use its platform.

However, its business model is in disarray, and its ad revenue is in decline.

According to an annual report by research firm Digital Media Research, Facebook lost more than $8.7 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of this year, due to lower ad revenue and ad revenue growth.

As a result, Facebook’s advertising revenue fell to $5.3 billion from $8 billion in the same period last year.

Its ad revenue has fallen by about half since the year before.

“In the year prior, we were making money and it was making us very happy,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive officer.

Since then, the company has made several investments in new products and services, including a $1 billion funding round last year, but many of the company’s competitors have moved into more profitable markets.

But Facebook’s revenue has remained low.

Its ad revenue fell from $7.5 billion in Q1 2018 to $4.7 bn in the latest quarter.

A report from data provider Kantar Worldpanel found Facebook advertising revenue has been falling since 2014.

There are many reasons why Facebook’s ad revenue continues to decline, including the continued consolidation of its advertising business.

Mark Zuckerberg said the company had made a number of investments to boost ad revenue over the years.

While the company is continuing to invest in its advertising, it’s unclear whether it can keep up with the competition.

Advertising revenue has already decreased by 15% from the first three months of this fiscal year to the fourth quarter of 2018, according to Kantar.

Despite the drop in ad revenue, Zuckerberg has remained optimistic about Facebook’s prospects in the future.

He said: “I think we’ll continue to do great.”

Facebook has also been making investments to grow its online presence in order to become more competitive.

It announced in June 2018 that it will open up a new advertising platform to developers that will help Facebook develop more innovative ad products and better manage the digital advertising space.

The platform will allow developers to develop new ad products on Facebook and other platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg has also invested heavily in improving Facebook’s search engine, making it more useful to users.

Last month, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would invest $1.1 billion in a new search engine to improve its advertising platform.

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