By Stephanie Stryker, National Post staff writerBizarro World: You can make your own solar cells using just a few ingredients.

One of those ingredients is a very, very simple and relatively inexpensive device: a tiny plastic tube with holes drilled in the bottom.

The tube is called a solar cell, and the basic idea is that a plastic tube will absorb solar energy when the sun shines on it.

You put the solar cell inside the tube, then place a solar panel on top of it.

(The solar panel, a piece of metal with an array of thin wires that runs through it, is the other component of the solar system.)

The tube’s tiny diameter is ideal for making solar cells.

But the problem is that most solar cells, at the moment, are made of aluminum, which is quite brittle.

This is because the solar cells that are currently in use don’t have a way to resist the bending forces that are being generated by the sun.

A lot of aluminum is actually made of lead, which gives them a much higher thermal conductivity.

(It’s also possible that the lead is used as an electrode in the tube’s electrodes.)

But lead is brittle and breaks easily.

If the aluminum tube were to crack and fall off the top of a solar system, it would break off and burn up, making a hole in the solar panel that would be impossible to repair.

Instead, the tube would absorb the solar energy and heat it up in a solar oven, which could be heated to melt the aluminum in the process.

The aluminum would cool, forming a molten layer on the surface of the sun, where it could be used to make new solar cells and electrodes.

That process would be similar to making a solar phone, but it would also be very easy to scale up and use.

If you can get your hands on a piece you can buy for under $100, you could build a solar-powered cell that you could use to make solar phones for a whole bunch of different people.

Here’s how it works.

As you can see, this DIY solar solar cell doesn’t have any electrodes.

It’s just a tube.

It takes a little bit of ingenuity to build one.

First, you’ll need a few basic supplies: a small, plastic tube, a solar circuit board, and some metal wire.

You’ll need to buy the wires in quantities that are relatively inexpensive.

A 10-foot long wire would probably be about $1.50.

You could buy the wire for about $5 a piece.

The wires will also need to be cheap enough to withstand the bending force generated by a solar arc that the solar tube will experience during the process of heating it up.

To make it easier to work with, you can make these wire connections on a regular computer.

If that doesn’t sound like much, think about the cost of a new laptop computer: about $600.

After you have these materials, you’re ready to build a small solar cell.

To make the solar circuit, you need to solder a few wires together.

First, you solder a wire that’s going to connect the solar module to the solar oven.

Then, you connect the wire that goes from the solar plate to the board.

That way, when the solar dish is turned on, the aluminum plate will absorb the sun’s energy and burn it up when the dish is powered down.

You can solder the aluminum wire to any wire you want.

You don’t need to use the same wire to make both wires.

The only thing that matters is that they’re connected.

The sun will burn up all of the aluminum oxide in the wire when the board is powered up.

The aluminum oxide will melt when the panel is powered on.

Once the aluminum alloy is melted, you’ve got a new, inexpensive, inexpensive solar cell that’s ready to use.

This is where you really need to think about your materials.

You’re making a new solar cell in a way that makes it easy to repair it later.

But it’s not as easy to do so as it is to make something that’s completely self-replicating, because the materials are so expensive.

So, you might want to start with something cheap and make it last a long time, like aluminum.

The best way to make aluminum solar cells is to use aluminum foil.

You put aluminum foil inside the solar array and you put it on the top.

The foil absorbs heat from the sun and allows the solar element inside to be heated up and heated up.

It also allows the aluminum to absorb heat from other parts of the array, like the solar dishes.

The foil is also extremely strong.

You want to make sure that you’re not bending it by bending the aluminum, as that will damage the aluminum and melt it.

But don’t worry too much about the foil.

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