How do you become a god among men? 

If you’ve ever wondered why men still look at women in a way that’s inappropriate, this article might help. 

“Why are men still so misogynistic?” asks the Lad Bible on its website, a bible that, for those not familiar with its name, has published a wealth of advice to men on issues ranging from relationships to dating.

“The answer is simple,” it says. 

There are many reasons for the behaviour that the bible outlines.

Men are still more likely to be seen as sexual objects, a “sex slave” and “slut”. 

Men are “reluctant to talk about their own gender” and have a “high level of shame” (a feeling of “fear and embarrassment”) for their behaviour, and men “have perceived women as objects” and are more likely to see women as “sexual objects”. 

“Men are expected to behave like children”, the bible says.

“And they are expected to behave like slaves. 

 If they want to do something good for women, they need to be the best of men.” 

Men, on the other hand, are “expected to work for women”. 

The bible goes on to say that male dominance is the norm. 

The Bible says men are “worshiping women as objects”, but they are “inventing women” in their own image, and they are “deserving of the respect and permission of women” (this “patriarchy” is the source of the bible’s title). 

“The Bible is a feminist religion” “which explains why women are rejected” by men. It is “a religiously oppressive religious view of men” as “sexual slaves” who need to be worshiped and given special attention to in order to become perfect”. 

There is no good way for men to change their perception of women, the bible argues. 

This view, and the bible, is why women have been subjected to sexual abuse and why male-dominated societies are still so misogynist. 

Read more: The Lad Bible is the bible of men.

But are they really men? 

It’s been almost 50 years since the bible was first published. 

Today, the world’s largest online community is still dominated by men, who share the same values, attitudes and opinions as the bible did 50 years ago. 

As a result, the Bible has seen the rise of an online community where men can share their ideas, advice and views. 

Its becomes a relief to some, and an embarrassment to others. But it’s now become common to hear men talk about how they want women to be treated, instead of just being misogynistic and saying it isn’t that common. 

What does the bible say about men?

It’s no secret that the internet is a male-dominated space, with the worlds largest male-centric communities. 

And the bible continues to be the centre of attention. 

In an article titled “What the bible says about men”, Lad Bible commentator Chris Browning writes that the religiouly most common responses he’s received from men who are interested in learning how to become better men are “not because they want to change their perceptions but because they need to become better men”. 

But Browning says the majority of those responses are misleading. 

He also says that some men are afraid of admitting their views and their ideas. 

When a men’s rights blogger asked Browning why he thinks men still feel disrespected by women, he said he didn’t want to comment on the topic because it would be too specific. 

However, when he asking why some men are not supporting other men’s rights activists, he said he would be more likely to answer them. 

So what is the bible? 

The reliable source of manhood advice on the internet, it says that men are just like women, but it is “

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