On the heels of a record-breaking Internet speed boost last year, a new study shows the average American has a slower connection than the average person in other industrialized countries.

In 2016, an average American Internet user received a peak download speed of 1,024 megabits per second, while the average broadband user received just 592 Mbps.

In comparison, the average for people living in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, and Germany averaged 1,128 megabit per second.

Internet Speed Rankings: America’s top 5 cities in the world for Internet speed article Ranking the world’s top five cities for Internet speeds shows that cities with a high concentration of low-income residents can be quite different than those with more affluent residents.

Here’s what you need to know about the top cities in each country for Internet connection speed.1.

Shanghai, China: Average Internet speed in the city is 1,027 megabets per second (Mbps), while the city of Shanghai averages 591 Mbps.2.

Hong Kong: Average internet speed in Hong Kong is 1.03 Mbps, while it is 589 Mbps for residents of mainland China.3.

New York City: Average connection speed in New York is 1 Mbps, and it is 622 Mbps for its residents.4.

Tokyo: Average connectivity speed in Tokyo is 1 megabittps, while that is 617 Mbps for those living in Japan.5.

Seoul, South Korea: Average speed in Seoul is 1 Megabits/second (Mbps) while it averages 592Mbps for its population.6.

Hong, China (Korea): Average speed is 1Mbps in Hong and is 591Mbps for residents.7.

Tokyo, Japan: Average speeds in Tokyo are 1Mbps, 1.1Mbps, and 592.1 Mbps for people in Japan, while people in Korea average 602Mbps and 1Mbps.8.

Bangkok, Thailand: Average average connection speed is 624Mbps for people and 1.05 Mbps for businesses in Thailand.9.

Singapore: Average download speed is 967 Mbps, with Singapore residents averaging 976Mbps.10.

Tokyo (Japan): average download speed in Japan is 1Mb/s, with 1Mbs/s being the average speed of residents of Tokyo.11.

Mumbai, India: Average broadband speed in Mumbai is 1 Gigabit/second, while residents of India average 1.33Mbps.12.

San Francisco, California: average broadband speed is 824Mbps, with the city averaging 5.5Mbps.13.

Berlin, Germany: average connection speeds in Berlin are 1.06 Mbps, 715Mbps for users in Germany, and 623Mbps for businesses.14.

Seoul (South Korea): average speed in South Korea is 1Gbps, with a median speed of 715 Mbps for households and 1Gbs/second for businesses, while those in China average 1Gb/second.15.

Seoul-Hyesan, South Korean: average speed is 566Mbps, for households, 7.8Mbps for companies, and 9.8 Mbps for government and government-owned businesses.16.

Berlin (Germany): average speeds in Germany are 5.3 Mbps, 9.2 Mbps for companies and 1Mbps for government.17.

Tokyo-Haneda, Japan (Japan) : average speed for households is 6.5 Mbps, 3.8 for businesses and 5.6 Mbps for local government.18.

Frankfurt, Germany (Germany) : Average speed for residents is 4.9Mbps, 5.9 for businesses or 3.6 for government-run businesses.19.

Barcelona, Spain: average download speeds are 1Gps and 3Gps, with 2Gps being the median download speed for Spanish households.20.

Beijing, China : average connectionspeed in Beijing is 1 Gbps, 7Mbps for those in the northern province of Jilin and the southern city of Shandong.21.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: average connectivity speed is 4Gbps for residents in Malaysia and 1Gb/s for those residing in other parts of the country.22.

Melbourne, Australia: average internet speed is 13Mbps, while Australians average 8.2Mbps.23.

Istanbul, Turkey: average speeds for users are 8.9 Mbps for users living in Turkey, and 2.7Mbps for individuals in Turkey.24.

Melbourne (Australia): average connection time is 10.4 seconds for people residing in Australia, 8.4 for individuals residing in the country, and 1 second for government officials.25.

Melbourne-Melbourne, Australia (Australia) : upload and download speed are 2.3 and 4.1 megabites/second respectively, with upload speeds for people being 2.1 and 4 Mbps, respectively.26.

Brisbane, Australia : average upload speed is 24.9 megabonds/second while download speeds average 16.4 megabond/second27

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