New York Times/PBS NewsHour/Associated Press 4 of 13 The film industry, of course, is in a race to make the most money this year.

The movie theater industry will make the largest profits this year, followed by digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

But for a number of reasons, the film industry has struggled this year to match last year’s record number of box office receipts.

The year’s biggest movies are not necessarily the most lucrative, but they are among the biggest hits, with audiences turning out in record numbers.

The film business, of which Netflix is a large part, is experiencing a hard year, with a record number for box office revenues and a record-breaking summer.

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The films industry was already struggling with the drop in moviegoing after last year, when ticket sales were falling and moviegoers were being turned off by the moviegoing experience.

Last year, the industry was struggling with another major drop in ticket sales and viewership, as the economy was hitting its peak.

That hit moviegoers hard as they rushed to see new releases, and it also meant the industry lost some of its most loyal fans.

Netflix is hoping this year’s drop in box office revenue will give it a better chance to compete for the audience it has always loved.

Netflix also has a plan to help the film business as it tries to maintain its market dominance.

Netflix announced a new streaming service, called Netflix Plus, which it is rolling out in select markets around the country.

The service will allow subscribers to stream the films they have purchased, or those that are coming out, for a fee.

Netflix Plus will offer the same service to customers who don’t have a Netflix account, and customers will be able to stream films on their computers, smartphones and tablets as well as at home with a television.

Netflix has made the decision to offer its service to subscribers as a subscription, and subscribers will be charged $7.99 per month.

The pricing will vary based on where subscribers live, but Netflix said the price will be competitive to the $9.99 Netflix Plus cost for existing subscribers.

Netflix plans to continue offering the service to existing customers through the end of 2018, as well.

Netflix said that its goal is to bring its service into 50 million homes by the end

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