The internet has a history of silencing the voices of those who feel powerless, and those who have been silenced.

But a new study shows how the internet can actually be used to change that.

The research, by a team at the University of Southern California, shows that when you use the internet, you can actually help people who have felt powerless feel empowered.

In the past, people who felt powerless could only use social media to ask for help.

But the researchers showed that they could use the technology to make the world more open and to encourage the voices that they felt silenced to speak out.

The team is using data from the US’s National Health and Social Life Survey to study how people use social networking platforms to connect with others who have suffered from a mental illness, disability, substance abuse or substance use disorder.

The study is published in the journal Psychological Science.

In a study of 2,823 people, the researchers found that using the internet to help people was associated with more positive responses to the people they were helping.

For example, people on social media were more likely to agree that people with mental health issues are a good source of support and to feel more empowered than those who did not use the social media platform.

However, the data does not show that people who use the services are more likely or that those who use them are more open to others sharing their experience.

The researchers suggest that using technology to connect to others may be an effective way for people to connect without needing to make a big commitment.

For example, if someone has a job where they cannot take the time to talk to their employer about the issues they are experiencing, a social media outlet could help them connect to people who are more able to understand their needs.

The use of social media has become a popular way for many to connect in recent years.

According to a recent survey, 77% of US adults said that they use social networks to meet new people and socialize.

The idea that the internet could be used for a more positive purpose has been gaining momentum in recent months.

In May, Facebook unveiled a new service called Messenger that allows users to create groups for specific tasks.

And last year, Twitter introduced a feature that allows people to send messages directly from their phone.

In recent months, the idea of social networks being used to help others with mental illness has also gained traction.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new initiative called Connect, which aims to help mentally ill people find other people to share their problems with.

But the research in the current study suggests that using social media may be a way for users to become more open about their struggles.

The study shows that the use of the internet has the potential to be a useful tool for people who suffer from mental health problems, but the researchers caution that it should be used in moderation.

“The use by people with these types of disorders of social networking may exacerbate the stigma and the lack of understanding of the illness that people have,” said lead researcher Christopher Sallis, a professor of communication and communication studies at USC.

“Social media can provide a platform for people struggling with mental illnesses to connect, to share, and to get help.

However, it should not be used as a vehicle for people seeking support or to facilitate the use or misuse of these services.”

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