The following is a list of employees who have been fired in the past year or so, by the top 10 tech CEOs on the planet.

They are listed alphabetically by company name.

(Websites that we used in this article were Alphabet and Facebook, and Twitter is no longer part of Alphabet.)


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook fired one employee, for using his Facebook profile to post sexual images.

The CEO apologized to all employees.

Zuckerberg did not say why he was fired.


Apple CEO Tim Cook Apple fired one engineer for using Apple’s iCloud storage system to store photos of his friends.

The engineer did not know what iCloud storage was, but it could have been a problem for him because Apple uses it to store all of its data.

Apple said the employee had violated its policies.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Twitter fired one person, for sharing a tweet that included a link to an article that included anti-Semitic comments.

Dorsey said the tweet was in response to a comment by a former employee who had shared the tweet on Facebook and Twitter.

Dorseys response to the employee was that he was sorry and was not fired.


LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman LinkedIn fired one of its senior executives, for allegedly sexually harassing a female employee.

Hoffman, who is Jewish, apologized to the woman and said he was trying to be sensitive.

He did not specify what that meant, though he said the two had not spoken in years.


Twitter Chief Operating Officer Tom Jurvetson Twitter fired a third employee, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Jurvettson said the person had sent him a racist tweet that he deleted.


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Uber fired an employee, and another person, after it was learned that the employee who was fired was using a fake Twitter account.

Uber said it fired the employee for having the account, which was not a legal Twitter account, and said it had suspended the account and terminated the other person.


LinkedIn chief legal officer Dan Kaminsky LinkedIn fired a top executive after it learned he was having an affair with another employee.

The person familiar said Kaminsky was in a relationship with another woman.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Yahoo fired an executive after the executive was found to have sexually harassed several women.

Mayer, who was married to Google CEO Larry Page, said she was sorry for the actions that occurred and that she did not believe she was capable of continuing to lead a company in this way.


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Netflix fired two people, for “a lack of communication” with executives over the company’s decision to cancel the production of a film about a former member of the U.S. Army who had served in Afghanistan.

Hastings said he had been told that his relationship with the person was “out of the question,” but that he would not tell the person.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai Google fired one executive after a former colleague told the company he had sexually harassed an employee.

Pichari said he fired the executive “out for personal reasons.”


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Amazon fired one manager for sexually harassing an employee and a former partner, and then he said that the harassment had been consensual.

Bezos, who married Amazon CEO John Graham in 2017, said he would spend the next year trying to “change his life and my life around.”


Google Vice President and VP of Engineering Raja Koduri Koduri fired one woman for sharing an article about his experiences as a former intern at Google, and the woman was fired, as well.

The woman was not disciplined.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Facebook fired a senior VP for “saying I was ‘not ready’ for the job,” and she did so for “disrespecting the senior VP,” according to two people familiar with that decision.

Facebook said Sandberg was fired because she was not willing to meet with the senior vice president about the decision to let Sandberg go. 14.

LinkedIn VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer LinkedIn fired two employees, for having inappropriate relationships with people on LinkedIn.

Schroepf said he asked the people he was with to stop and apologized, and he said he never engaged in sexual activity with anyone on LinkedIn, the people said.


Uber Chief Operating Agent David Drummond Uber fired one engineering employee, after he was found guilty of violating Uber’s anti-harassment policies.

Uber was found liable for violating the policy, and Drummond was fired from Uber.


Yahoo VP Alex Castellanos Yahoo fired two engineers for using Yahoo email accounts to send out personal information about others.

Castellos was fired after the two engineers were discovered to have been sending personal information to others.


Google VP and VP-Product Chris Anderson Google fired a former VP of Product Chris Anderson after Anderson said that Anderson “was

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