7 Tips to choose a DOMAIN name for local SEO

7 Tips to choose a DOMAIN name for local SEO

Local SEO Tips

You are on a right track if you plan such a way before actually book a domain for your local business. Eventually it seems that people for local business create a small company name and they book the domain as per the exact name of the company which is good idea but it’s very bad idea too in terms of SEO or getting sales to your business.

To avoid this trouble you may book multiple domains to grow your business and maintain your company reputation of domain name too. Here are 7 tips to choose domain name for your local business.

Tip 1 :

Include your place or area location into your domain this will filter your target clients and boost your website as top priority if there is less competition. For example, if a plumbing service business focusing on Fort Worth, Texas then your domain selection would be Plumbingservicetexas.com or callplumberfortworth.com would bring you better search results while focus on such domains.

Tip 2 :

Prefer well-known domain extension rather choosing totally new domain extensions. As in above example if Plumbingservicetexas.com is not available then you may choose dot net or dot us if you are in usa as an extension rather choosing  entirely new domains like dot it dot online dot website or similar. If you won’t get such a good domain in top category extensions then you may change idea of domain but changing keyword order let say if Texasplubmingservice.com or Texasplubmingservice.net

Tip 3 :

Do not use hyphens or some even avoid numbers in the domain name.

Tip 4 :

Target the main service you offer and make sure your website homepage will be very specific and clear about the service as your domain name represents.

Tip 5 :

Prefer always the reputed domain service provider don’t reply on unknown or new established company check the background of the registrar where are going to book domain for you local website.

Tip 6 :

If you are going to make payment transaction through your website then only you required security or ssl certification as every company charge high for ssl certification and new local owner generally pay for it and never use this feature.

Tip 7 :

Check your competition before you actually book your domain. You can simply check in google by typing the keywords you choosing to book as domain.

Hope this article would be helpful please suggest your ideas and reviews in the comment section below. Thankyou